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how to recognize a Type R cam

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Can anyone tell me how i can recognize a type R cam. I wan to buy a set but i want to be sure i am not scammed and given Type S cams.... pls anyone ?
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If you buy a brand new sest of cams, try ordering 2005 stock type S cams. I am on a 2 month wait list from my dealer.

Anyone else have an "in" to get these quicker from a dealer?

In conjunction to those, I will be using S2000 springs.

Anyone else have any other OEM-style recommendations?

I used to want to go with Toda A cams, then IPS came out with theirs. Unfortunately, I can't fathom spending alot of money on this car seeing that it's my daily beater and I need it running 100% of the time I'll be driving.
1 - 1 of 70 Posts
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