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This conversion is basically intended for anyone with a 1996-1998 civic that would like to have power windows, locks, 99 electronic climate control and an oem dohc vtec engine harness all in 1. so basically the requirements are:

1: complete engine harness off a 00 si
2: complete interior harness off a 00 si
3: complete dash harness or dash off a 00 si

of course i wont get into detail of how this is done. but i will answer any question regarding what is involved in doing this conversion for anything that is interested. this just isnt the common thing to do and i dont expect anyone to try and do this but just let it be known that it has been done and basically what is needed to go around in order to make this a complete success.

even after many told me it would be a nightmare it took me total of 2 1/2 days to complete this project, wiring is so much fun when you know what your doing of course. and i would like to make this a basic reference for anyone in the future seeking this info.

this is basically how it started. i had complete engine and interior harness + 00 si complete doors + complete dash (i already had the 00 heater core and blower). so definitely gave me an advantage. here i removed my 98 dash and proceeded to completely remove all my stock wiring. (picture is actually of the 00 wiring going into place)

you can also see here i removed all my interior panels and carpet to better access the wiring. this basically needs to be done. time consuming basically.

engine wiring with fusebox was completely removed, can be seen in this picture.

the part of the interior harness that basically goes to the wiper motors is a bitch to remove since you must remove the wipers and lift up the panel to get to the 1 plug for the wiper motors this section is a pain. and getting everything out from the firewall holes is another major pain.

complete engine harness was removed also. i was using a oem dohc vtec jdm harness. i dunno how but it was basically a Obd2a si harness that came off a spoon motor. it worked wonderfully sad to see it go.

this is another mega time consumer, you must remove those heavy metal plates that the rear seats basically fall on, and the wiring that goes to the gas tank along with the cover all has to be removed. the rear harness plug has to be modified.
basically if you have the rear section of the si harness you can cut your oem plug and just match up the colors for the wires and connect them. you will have your wiper wires left over, which are 3 green wires.

here, everything is completed. 00 si dash in place, 00 carpet, 00 doors with working power locks and power windows. with all 00 engine harness and interior harness.

you can see the obd2b ecu plugs here, i had to get a newer jumper harness to accomodate the wiring change, of course make sure you have this before the conversion. i even have the oem honda security remote for the power locks, i absolutly love it. gave my dome light that audi dimming effect. ;)

btw my interior is %100 back together, those pics were of it %70.
the only other need for modification to the harness is rewiring 1 of the front headlight harness plugs but from the center harness, unless you have the 00 headlight harness then that is not needed. (i had sold it thinking i didnt need it :hammer: ) other than that everything is basically a plug and play affair.

like i said before any questions please post and i will gladly answer any questions.
during my conversion i modified my engine harness for a resistor box and obd1 injector clips. everything works 100% and i have no cels, this is tons of work but its 200% rewarding. :thumbup:
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