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I am looking into building a shortblock and then doing the head afterwards after I have decided how I will build the motor. I need some advice, I cannot decide if I want to build it all motor or build it for FI/ nitrous. I am looking to build a fast all around motor that will be pretty reliable. I want it to have power though, I was thinking about getting that a2 shortblock I have found for $450 (perfect condition) and maybe Buying the Toda high compression kit or something along those lines. Not sure how I want to build my motor but I would realy like to be able to hang with b series turbo guys around here on the highway if thats possible. I already hand with all but 1 from 60mph and up. I know there is talk of the F22b crank fitting into the k series engines with a little machining. Does anyone know exactly what all has to be machined and how much for it to work?

Thanks guys
I am open to all types of builds.
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