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How much horsepower do you think a stock k20z3 can handle???

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I was just wondering because im getting a swap for my ep3 and i want to turbo it with stock internals. What kinda numbers do people make with stock internals and still be reliable. Im going to have K-pro as well and tune on the dyno.
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Is there anyone out there thats turboed a k20z3 or k20a2 with stock internals? If so what kinda numbers are you making? Does anyone know how strong the pistons and rods hold up against 350 horse power? I now on b16a and b18c you dont really want to go over 280 hp to keep it reliable. What about the k20?
those are good links k20eg. Does anyone have anymore dyno sheets of stock internal boosted k20a or k24a post here.
thanks just the links i been looking for.:up:
ok use e85 because of the higher compression right.
So what would be a good tranny to boost on the 5spd or 6 spd ?
Who makes PPG gears? Are they stronger?
wow how much does those gear sets cost?
1 - 8 of 21 Posts
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