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How much horsepower do you think a stock k20z3 can handle???

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I was just wondering because im getting a swap for my ep3 and i want to turbo it with stock internals. What kinda numbers do people make with stock internals and still be reliable. Im going to have K-pro as well and tune on the dyno.
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I know 2 people personally with over 500hp on stock K series internals. One is a K24a4 making 518hp ( and the other is a stock K20a2 making 618hp ( Both are up here at ~5500' elevation on E85. There are a few other people on here that are making 500+hp on stock internals as well, so 350hp really isnt much to worry about. Get a good tune and good fuel and you should be good to go.
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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