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How much did your swap cost into an EK?

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How much total did your parts and motor cost you? I dont need to know anything about labor prices... just need a ball park idea what its gonna cost me to get a K20 swap in my car. I drive an '00 Civic Si
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i got mine for bout 6800 type s complete running with k-pro and rcrew race header...and everything else...i also had to buy a new manifold and throttle can find the complete type s swap for 3000- 4500 at a salvage yard...about another 2500 in parts....if i didnt have to get a new manifold and t-body it would've only been round can call rcrew racing for prices, thats where i got most my stuff...or you can go with camp1320 or hybrid...
I'm looking to go all the way with the motor and do the DC5 type R... but thanks for the prices! My local tuning shop can get a JDM half cut for about 6K... and they will take some of that price on since they get all this stuff I dont want
d price sound just right...
those are nice prices...
is 3700 $ too much for a type s motor?? complete.
ek9poorR said:
those are nice prices...
is 3700 $ too much for a type s motor?? complete.
look around you could get it cheaper. But its not terrible.
We offer packages based on the parts you need. Give us a call for pricing!
got my k24a4 longblock for $450. ecu and TB for $100. si tranny for $400... still waiting on the rest... :eek:
dam u almost there bro...I havent even started yet....the funny thing is I have the money saved to about 5000 but dont know where to begin or should I say a little reluctant in starting...Doing a little more research first on my ek k24 swap....
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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