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how big can you sleeve a K20a to

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I just sold my 85mm 13.6/1cr GSR engine and I have ordered a K20a2 swap. I am going to sleeve the block and would like to go with a bigger bore piston 88-90mm. I would also like to do 14-15/1cr using flat top pistons and reworked combustion chambers. Or would I be better off sleeving a k24? Any help would be great!! thanks
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I have heard a maximum of 91mm...if it is possible,you wouldnt want it as a daily driver,as the headgasket surface between the cylinder would be very thin and wouldnt be able to take the abuse...and you definately wouldnt want 91mm for a forced induction engine.....
OK, now what about the head gasket? Who makes one that big.
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