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need a programmable ECU for the JDM K20A from a 2002 DC5

engine is in a swap - but i cannot opperate the original ECU because of the immobiliser -

would consider a non programmable - if it will get around teh immobiliser

good price offered - anything considered :)

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I know that you are not a shop , so

I also have a mugen K20A ECU $1300
is ok.. I guess...


Will send your ECU (USDM K20A2, or JDM K20A) to Hondata for K-Pro install $850
is not since it takes a shop or dealer to do this.

We both know, what is going on here. Tell DP , that this is not honda tech. Yes, he has a lot of k series stuff and that is great. If he wants to sell them here, since he owns a shop, tell him that he can run a banner.

On top of all this, I read what Tagman posted about giving better prices to members.... lol That is actually funny. Talking bad about a place but at the same time, using it to sell stuff. This is not cool.

How would you feel if for example talked shit about your website/forum and they were on there trying to push their stuff?

Thanks for understanding.

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