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Hondata Dyno competition for 06+ Civic Si with Flashpro

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On Sunday June 7th, Church Automotive Testing and Hondata held a dyno day for the 06-09 Civic Si. There was a prize of a free FlashPro for the Civic Si that dynoed with the most power.

The results and dynos are posted here

IPS mark2 cams placed first in NA and another thing that stands out is the crower cams that made less than stock. Not sure if this has been posted or not, but I thought most of you would be interested in the results.
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Well, for some reason the 06+ Si cars do not make the anywhere close to the same power as the same motors in civic/crx chassis.. Sure we can blame it on the headers but there seems to be a 20whp difference between a Si motor in a 06 civic vs a 92 Civic..

It could also be the flashpro vs kpro.. not sure but I heard something through the grapevine about this... I am sure as more cars get the flashpro and try different things they will find what is going on.. Not to mention that all motors are different and very sensitive to misc mods. The revs were also limited to 8100 so a lot of things come into play.
What is the valve lash that you used?
1 - 3 of 21 Posts
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