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Honda Civic `04 from Malaysia shores

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Hello everyone, thank you for your time lookin into this thread.I`m new to cars and especially Honda. Recently i`ve bought a new honda civic 2.0 i-vtech dohc. after surfing the net for a long time, i come to know the engine code of my car is a k20a. my question is, the current engine under my car hud, does it happen to share the same engine with the one they`ve got in the new Integra? i`ve heard about this actually from some local car magazine recently but i`m pretty unsure.i`m sorry if my question sounds stupid to everyone here but i`m only a newbie! :oops:
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Re: hiak hiak

prodrive said:
This my babes....check it out............

One thing need fellow Bro to help out, after changing the air intake filter, found that the lower rpm torque have been reduce, is there any where to correct this, does the removal of the cat. converter help?? :roll: :roll:
thanks bro......
wow, those are some expensive rims!!!! :twisted:

what air filter have u upgraded to? more often than not, K20As suffer if you simply put in an open pod system. removing the cat will make your low end worse. the reduction in backpressure will cause mayhem for your low end.
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