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Honda Civic `04 from Malaysia shores

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Hello everyone, thank you for your time lookin into this thread.I`m new to cars and especially Honda. Recently i`ve bought a new honda civic 2.0 i-vtech dohc. after surfing the net for a long time, i come to know the engine code of my car is a k20a. my question is, the current engine under my car hud, does it happen to share the same engine with the one they`ve got in the new Integra? i`ve heard about this actually from some local car magazine recently but i`m pretty unsure.i`m sorry if my question sounds stupid to everyone here but i`m only a newbie! :oops:
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hey c-zero , thank you for the reply.. but i`m pretty sure my engine is a DOHC, erm.. well its stated on the brochures and i guess Honda-Malaysia wouldnt simply put the 4letters in. i`m not sure whether if its a k20a3 or a k20a2 engine , but my engine is a 155hp vtec.. i understand my car is only a civic , so of cause it`s nv as powerful as integra/RSX but may i know more about my k20a3 engine if that is... as in whats its capability and how would i be possible to boast the car into a much higher hp engine but safe ? safe in the sense of the engine wouldnt be overheat very easily and so forth.. thanks again..
hiak hiak

ok.. with all da car terms.. i`m very confused already.. but i`m pretty sure my k20a3 is a dual cam.. as it is what honda-malaysia said.. also i`ld love to start playing around with my car with changing its rim. its currently a 15 inch rims but i was wondering if honda malaysia would void any parts of my car`s warranty if i happen to change 15` into 16` rims? ;p darn.. how i envy those bastards with BoV installed onto their car!
Here are some eye candies..

thx guys for all da infos.. btw, prodrive.. do you mind telling me what rim are u using? and did ya changed it into a different size of inch? our standardize stock is 15'' only :) but i was thinking to shift it to a 16'' good idea, no? :lol:

It may not be a bomb or as good as the pics posted in other threads..but this is my precious possesion.. enjoy :)

background is my other honda b17.. and my dad`s beemer :) 325i sport version

My baby after a clean bath *muacks*

Its kinda dark from the angle but i was trying to emphasis on the 2.0IVTEC emblem

Look ma! Its SHINING!

I cant stop taking picture of d babe!

Last but not least, My Favourite Picture !
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Yea, perhaps u`re right.. i was thinking of rims.. chromed rims maybe? what do you guys say? gimme some brands and prices of cause.. best if it comes with pictures... :p

yea gymkhana99, thx for letting me know :) i found out recently when Honda Malaysia mailed me a copy of VCD of their backstage works and preparation for the race, and some scenes taken in the race of the car! was pretty proud of their work! they had the car promoted in Sunway Pyramid too once! i was there :)
Yea, but it can be a little boring cause someparts they did some interviews ... :roll:
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