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Honda Civic `04 from Malaysia shores

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Hello everyone, thank you for your time lookin into this thread.I`m new to cars and especially Honda. Recently i`ve bought a new honda civic 2.0 i-vtech dohc. after surfing the net for a long time, i come to know the engine code of my car is a k20a. my question is, the current engine under my car hud, does it happen to share the same engine with the one they`ve got in the new Integra? i`ve heard about this actually from some local car magazine recently but i`m pretty unsure.i`m sorry if my question sounds stupid to everyone here but i`m only a newbie! :oops:
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I guess the normal things to do with ur engine is change the filter and exhaust system. Find around here and you'll find some info in what piping size to use. btw, i'm from msia too. Nice to meet you! Post up some pics will be great.
hi ong,

How come ur CRV is only using K20A3?? I thought all CRV is using K24A... Does the Greddy Emanage handles both the VTC and VTEC engagement like the Hondata Kpro ECU?? If it doesn't, no point getting it. Better get Hondata one.
Errr... not very shock but hope you succeed dude. How many boost are you running with ur GT2530?! Post up some pics will be great after you done the turbo kit. I dont think personally contacting the Hondata K-pro and getting the connections is that hard though even if you're in msia. With the right connection and time, anything can be done. Good luck in boosting!
brian g said:
Honfaai, your cars engine would be the equivalent to our Civic Si detuned slightly. It probably has a different gear ratio tranny too.

For everyone else, it appears that the only Japanese car that gets the K24 is the Odyssey. All other K-powered car including the Euro Accord R get some version of the K20A.

brian g

The JDM crv is loaded with k24a... only the msia crvs are with k20a. cheers.


well, if you're scared that you will void the warranty, if anything happens and u wanna go back to the factory for claims, u can always swap back the oem stuffs and drive there if u gonna mod. swapping 4 wheels isn't hard i guess.
brian g said:
SiGNAL said:
The JDM crv is loaded with k24a... only the msia crvs are with k20a. cheers.

According to the Japaneses honda web site the CRV has a 2.0. Are they offering another model with a 2.4 too?

brian g
Apologies brian,

The JDM crv is with a k20a. But Oz spec CRV is with K24A. Got mixed up there. Cheers.
Low boost can run safely without intercooler. But higher boost, then it's different story.


nice car u have there and nice rim too. White Ce28N would be nicer i think.
U should slap some white wheels to it. Then it's gonna be wicked!
Doo Doo,

The gas in msia is 98 RON. Nothing compared to Jap's 100 RON.
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