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stumbled upon this.....
nsx titanium connecting rods.
(5.962") length center to center
(2.0083") Big End Diameter same as F, H, and K series
(.858") Big End Width same as B series
(.866") Piston Pin Diameter same as K series 22mm.

oem rod lengths:
K20 139mm (5.473")
K24 152mm (5.984")
F20 153mm (6.023")
F22 149.65mm (5.8915")
H22 143mm (5.630")
C30a/C32b mm (5.962")

toda nsx 84mm stroker rods 152mm length, 22mm piston pin, 2.0083" big end bore. widen your k24 rod journals to b series width and run toda rods in your k24.

oem deck height:
K20 212mm
K24 231mm
F20c 224mm

Oem bore:
K20 86mm
K24 87mm
F20 87mm

Oem stroke:
K20 86mm
K24 99mm
F20c 84mm
F22c 90.7mm
H22 90.7

IPS offers 86mm, 88.5mm, 90.7mm, 93.2mm, 96.5mm, 99mm, 101.6mm strokes for k series
Inline pro offers 106mm stroker for F20/F22c

Rod Big End Diameter:
K/H/F 51mm

Rod Journal Width:
K20/24 19.8mm (.780")
H22/ F20 23.8mm (.938")

Crank Rod journal Diameter:
K/H 48mm

feel free to add any. thought it was cool how with a different stroke and piston pin compression height nsx rods could be used. just widen the k series rod journal width to b series instead of the h/f series. And oem titanium connecting rods. what could be better?:dance:

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not direct plug and play. for the nsx rods. but very doable. widening of the rod crank journal. and different compression height pistons.
the toda nsx stroker rods are same length as k24 but crank rod journals will have to be widened.

/) ^3^(\ <- SO AWESOME!!
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Excellent post! Back from the dead. :)

I can confirm the K24 center to center length for the rods. Checked it against my Manley catalog.
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