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HID projector retrofitting

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For those that do not know what a retrofit is, it refers to the taking of HID components from OEM equipped cars and properly
mounting them into a stock halogen headlight housing. This in effect gives you OEM HID in your car; a colorful projection, a
sharp cutoff, and even light distribution without the nasty side effects of aftermarket “kits”. Most people just throw in an
aftermarket HID “kit” and think they have all the advantages of brighter and safer lighting when that is the opposite of what
they get. “Kits” cause blinding glare do to the simple fact that HID bulbs were not designed with halogen applications in mind,
and halogen was not designed with HID in mind. The focal points do not match up and the results are glare and improperly
focused light patterns, not to mention the poor quality of “kits”. Whether you are going for show or function, HID lighting is the way
to go, and to do it right you have to go with a retrofit.

I’ve been doing retros on many different cars focusing on acura/honda, but I specialize in the RSX and Scion tC. I just wanted to
show some of my work. There are lots of pictures and feedback about my work below, these are some samples from basic retros
to dual projector setups etc.

And feel free to ask me anything you want about HID, retrofitting, CCFL, etc.
Sorry about pic quality, I am not the best photographer.

A dual valeo projector retofit:

A slightly color modded TSX projector retrofit:

Another TSX projector retrofit:

A valeo projector retrofit with CCFL angel eyes, (angel eyes in daytime):
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can you source me 3" zkw e46 bi-xenon LENSES (i believe there were available in canada only)... I need them to use with TL bi-xenons... results are incredible!!!!
RSX-CT said:
Are they $400 incredible results, b/c that is how much I can find those rare projectors for now! TL can easily be modded to have awesome color the way they are stock by just trimming/removing the rubber bump stop on the shield.
shit - if you can get them I will buy them... I know about the TL color mods...that I am not too concerned with I want just the zkw projectors for the lenses to swap on TL projectors - for the crispest cutoff of ANY Bi-xenon. I have oem CTR headlamps & car is coming off the road for the winter... currently I have h4 hylow kit w/philips ultinons... with those bulbs in a TL bi-xenons with zkw lenses - well that would be THE SHIT

so do you wanna do mine? I guess I could take out my hid kit & headlamps & send them to you (or just send you headlamps)

so how much for zkw e46 bi-xenons (to use just for the lenses) & a set of TL bi-xenons... with retro into ek headlamps???? send me pm
can you please source some zkw e46 bi-xenon lenses (or whole projectors if you can't get just lenses)

cash in hand
RSX-CT said:
$400 is the best price I got them for, they are extremely rare!
[email protected]
sent PM... payment sent :up: I need some TL projectors too

I also have OLD SCHOOL all clear tails for 96-00 hatch... I want them FILLED with I'd like yellow/orange leds for turn signal section <--- PM my options you can do
did you get my m/o? you should have today or monday...let me know

also did you get my PM with pics????
edit - i can't read for shit


I am looking to spend about $250 on TL's :p

hopefully m/o shows today OR (edit #2) tomorrow forgot sat was a holiday... lol I am battin' 0/100 today
sent email :cool: :up:
got the zkw bi-xenons today

thanks a ton :up: not sure if the projectors are both ok... one the hi-low shield moves up and down.... the other is REAL STIFF??? let me know
lenses are the most important... & all I will be using :up:

I was hoping to sell the zkw with no lenses (or TL lenses) for a much lower price... no biggie b/c lenses are mint:up:

any clue what shrouds I can use on TL projectors... I just bought some crysler crossfire shrouds I hope I can make them fit (they are gunmetal chrome like my OEM CTR headlamps)

can you get parts from japan/china? I am looking for these new piaa TERA LED for 194/168 bulb application... in 4500k or 5500k
RSX-CT said:
I can get lots of parts, not sure about the specific LEDs there, what is the application for these bulbs?
application for bulb size 168/194 wedge...I found out they are not available in the states :confused:
sorry looking for those specific bulbs :p these are for city lights

they are on ebay but only available in japan.... these are by far the brightest you can get...only want Piaa "Tera" LED ebay for 'em
I am going to use a butyl sealer - I think its pretty much the same as OEM

finished the TL bi-xenon/zkw lense retro w/ crysler crossfire shrouds & philips 6000k ultinon bulbs... having highbeam is nice. i will make sure to take many more night pics with better camera

I have some more aiming to do & then seal them up - sorry pic is uneven ground
right slightly higher than left - both are 100% level :up:
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1st set - i got with my hylow kit from - they sell them for 250 a set...I got a back up set on ebay for about $180-200 shipped

thanks :up:
can you please try to get me 1 or 2 crysler crossfire shrouds - I f'd up the 1st one & want them to be perfect
YES!!!!!! - please PM me your name & addy to make pmt to again. if you can do just one great or else I will take both

I cut reliefs in one way too deep - see drivers side @ 3 & 6 o'clock compared to passenger side


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