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looking forward to learning new things in here and hopefully teach a few others. I've never been a die hard Honda/Acura fan, but the more I drive my cars, the more I really enjoy them.

Cars were never a big obsession since family used to own a small car lot when I was younger. I would swap out cars on a weekly basis. Now that we closed, I ended up with an 07 Civic 1.8 with 150k miles 6 years ago. It now has 274k miles and barely giving me engine issues now with only minimal maintenance (basic tuneup). Burns a little bit of oil every so often now. Ended up getting a '20 Civic Sport with 31k miles to replace it, but the 1.8 still has plenty of life left.

Questions: should I invest in a new engine on the 07 once it gives out? I'm sure the engine and trans can give me some more life, but worried about the rest of the components.
Civic Sport--how do I find out which k20 engine is in it?

Appreciate you all!

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There is a marking on the engine case next to the starter motor and gearbox with the code.
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