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PLEASE HELP!!! I just swapped a k20a2 into a 97 civic hatchback. Im using a jdm itr ecu. For some reason when i start the car, its feels wierd, and when i drive it, i cant get past 4000-4400 rpm. It feels like the fuel just cuts off after 4400 rpm. And the engines header gets a super red/orange glow, im using hasport headers for the k20-ek, maybe water isnt getting into the block or somethig,is there a way to bleed the head for radiator water?.

Ive got two Check engine codes, one is a 21 which i hear is vtec malfunction, and 39 which i heard is natural cause i dont have a digital rsx gauge cluster. So im hoping that that is all. Anyways, if anyoe has any recommendations please let me know, im looking for a new vtec solenoid cause i think its fucked up. But im hoping thats it.
If you have any suggestios or questions, please post em or email me, thanks
[email protected]

AEM Fuel Rail, AEM fuel filter, AEM fuel pressure regulator set at 51 lbs, ss fuel lines, ek throttle cable, mugen thermostat, mugen thermo switch, mugen radiator cap, hasport headers/axles/mounts and harness. K20a2 and PRC jdm ECU.
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