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help with unusual noise

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Depois de trocar a bomba de óleo e limpar o motor quando esquenta começa com um barulho inusitado, alguém já passou por isso?

novos rolamentos
novo VTC
novo tensor de guia de corrente
Vídeo do youtube


it was the command chain( timing chain ) I changed it to a new one and the staff stopped
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what engine are we talking about?
Did you replace the oil pump for the exact same type that was in there before ? if you went from balanced to unbalanced, you need to block an oil way or you lose a lot of oil pressure at low revs.
What bearing clearances where chosen? Where they confirmed with plastigauge measurements?
This could be rod knock from excessive clearances and/or too low of an oil pressure.
As long as the engine oil is cold, idle oil pressure is large enough to cope with both issues.
there may be your issue with the King bearings in only STD size. Did you actually measure rod bearing clearance? You might have excessive bearing clearance.
King offers three sizes of bearings allowing to set 5 sizes. I also use them and always needed to mix sizes to get into the clearance tolerance range required.
you need to fit a STD size shell set and measures where you end up with. Then adapt the shell size to get the correct gap if required.
With Honda OEM shells, use the codes on crank, block and rods to determine size. Still, you check and use thicker or thinner shells, if required. This is from the service manual.
Honda offer 7 different thicknesses of rid bearing shells in increments of 6 µm.

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King sells 3 sizes, STD, -0.025mm and + 0.025mm. This allows you to adjust the bearing gap in steps of 12.5µm as you can combine a STD and a smaller or a larger shell.
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