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I have a K24a2 that I've just finished installing into my 2003 AP1 S2000 and I'm using the AEM series 2 30-6030 ecu in conjunction with a custom engine wiring harness from Rywire. I'm having issues connecting to the ECU (not getting power or grounding?) and I'm hoping someone here can help me.

I have power going to the starter and all of the interior lights/dash/soft top/etc. I have ground leads going from the body to the negative battery terminal, to the alternator, to the transmission, to the block, to the cylinder head, and to the chassis of the ECU.

Here's where things get weird (to me at least). If I have connectors A, B, and E (the only 3 going from the wiring harness into the ECU) connected to the ECU, I do not get any power to the fuel pump (no priming) and my laptop does not recognized that the AEM is connected. But, if I disconnect connector A, but leave connectors B and E connected to the ECU, I get power to the fuel pump and my laptop will recognize the AEM, but still not connect so that I can load a base tune.

I have called Rywire for assistance, but I did not get a call back yesterday and of course they are closed for the weekend. I would really like to get this sorted as soon as possible, so any help that I can get troubleshooting this would be greatly appreciated.

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