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hello friends, im currently located in malaysia and there isnt much technical help i can find here so here's my prob.

Currently driving a JDM Civic Type R K20a engine. My engine died due to oil starvation during a turn @ a corner on tracks, i've seen the damage that was caused to my current head, it looks bad. Cams were scuffed, and rocker arms were broken. Anyway these aside, i would love to build a new engine compromising of a new K20A head with a K24 block.

What i would like to know is, how? Wat are the the suitable parts to be put in. There are so many brands out there and promise the world, but im not too sure myself. Tried surfing thru the forums, but i dun seem to understand anything regarding compressions of pistons, to lobes of camshafts.

My main concern is, what is the most bang fer buck built for a k20a head mated with a k24 block and on wat ecu shd i run it on. Thanks friends.

Current engine setup :

Buddyclub spec N+ cams
ACL Bearings
CP pistons
Eagle Conrods
Stock crank
2L stock block
Custom reflashed ECU.

p.s : this is what i currently have on my car.

mugen engine mounts
custom oil cooler kit
carbing oil catch tank
custom aluminium radiator
17" re55s semi slicks
custom lighten pully
carbonetics carbon clutch
spoon 70mm enlarged throttle body
custom cold air open pod air intake
race battery
buddyclub racing spec manifold
kakimoto 60mm exhaust ( decatted ) / custom made 2.5" mid pipe to 3" catback
buddyclub racing spec dampers
upgraded 4 pot brembos
2 x bride vios 3 low max
no rear seats
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