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Help! No start but cranks!

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It cranks but doesn’t start. I don't smell fuel from he spark plugs which are also new.

I have a 2000 Honda Civic ej,ek or em (EX trim) K20A2 swap(NO K-PRO)

Everything is hooked up and fuel is good and holding right pressure, immobilizer bypass installed, fuel pump primes loud, 3 grounds on, wiring seems okay but haven't checked voltage yet, and battery is relocated in the back with 0 gauge wires. All connection seems okay and tight, all wirings I’ve gone through i did the tug test. No leaks with fuel lines. I’ve recently read about the coilpacks not getting enough voltage so I will check that tomorrow after I charge the battery as the battery has died.

P.S. ABS AND SRS are deleted but there are wires hanging in the cabin that i chose not to hook up, Just throwing that out there I dont think it matters or relevant but I don’t know.
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Use a multimeter and verify you get 12v to your injectors while cranking. I was having this issue and i was using a wire that only had 12v while in the on position but not while cranking.
I'm not sure but its worth verifying. Only thing that makes it run is air, fuel, spark. If you can verify those then it must be something else.
Did you check the signal wire while cranking? With my issue I had 12v while the key was in the on position but not while I was cranking.
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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