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I just recently finished a customers Kswap (94 Civic Ex).. Just for start up purposes and gettin the car up and driving, we decided to use the Aeroquip hose with socketless fittings(1.2.3 and cheap).. I ran the fuel line from the OEM stock fuel filter to the GE fuel rail, to the Paxton FPR then back to return(drain)..

Now my question is would it better to run the FPR BEFORE the fuel rail and cap off the other end? For example.. From the OEM stock fuel filter, to the Paxton FPR(mounted on the driver side strut tower), to the fuel rail, Bottom section of Paxton FPR goes to the return, and Passenger side of the GE fuel rail gets capped off..

Whatca think? As i wanna clean up the engine bay, but we don't want any complications..
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