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Hello dear members! I need some help of experts in K series engines. I want to choose the best header for drag racing on quarter mile . For Acura TSX 2009(CU2)
My engine specs:
1)Head K24A3 porting ST3, Retainers Skunk2 pro , springs Skunk2 Pro, intake Valves+1.
2)Camshafts: Drag Cartel 003.2 + VTC 50 RBC
3)Block K24Z3 Pistons NPR 12.7, rods BC Lightweight ProH2K
4)Intake: Skunk2 Pro porting ST2, throttle Skunk2 72mm,deatschwerks injectors 550сс
5) Header PLM
6)Oil pump K20A
7)AT stock
8) Full exhaust Custom 63mm.

What is the better than PLM for my specs?
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