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Help me out guys

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I need help ..... I am putting a k20 from an ep3 in a del sol for a friend .... he has motor and tranny, aem ems, and the hasport mount kit so I installed the mount kit and hung the motor.

the factory exhaust manifold is on top of the rack :down: .

I need to know what header or manifold I am suppose to use

what shifter box and cables to use

throttle cable

axles are k inners and shaft with B outers I believe could that be confirmed??

wiring????? what do I do

fuel delivery this motor as no return??? regulator is in tank on the EP3 ... what do I do exactly

clutch line


I need some guidance .... point me to a site or help me yourself .... this will be greatly appreciated
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Karcepts said:
Thanks for the plug Chameleon, but the Karcepts Shifter Mounting Kit has not been proven to work in a Del Sol yet. The tunnel shape is different on the Del Sol compared to EG's,EK's, and DC's. It would probably fit, but you might have to do some extra hacking and you might not have a very nice sealed enclosure underneath of the car. Plus, the tunnel is high on the Del Sol and would probably place the shifter pretty high as well. If attempting this, you could possibly space the Shifter Mounting Kit lower to get things at proper height. Karcepts, Inc. will probably not offer anything for this application due to the small demand for Del Sol K-swaps. Sorry... :eek: If you purchase the kit for this swap, you will be performing the install at your own risk.

Brian Karwan
Karcepts, Inc.
WTF are you talking about. I hooked up my karcepts kit in my Chevy Suburban and it worked like a charm. :silly:
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