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Help me out guys

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I need help ..... I am putting a k20 from an ep3 in a del sol for a friend .... he has motor and tranny, aem ems, and the hasport mount kit so I installed the mount kit and hung the motor.

the factory exhaust manifold is on top of the rack :down: .

I need to know what header or manifold I am suppose to use

what shifter box and cables to use

throttle cable

axles are k inners and shaft with B outers I believe could that be confirmed??

wiring????? what do I do

fuel delivery this motor as no return??? regulator is in tank on the EP3 ... what do I do exactly

clutch line


I need some guidance .... point me to a site or help me yourself .... this will be greatly appreciated
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If you would just look farther through this forum you'll find all the answers you need.
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