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Help me decide on some wheels!!!

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ok so i have a taffeta white 2000 ej6 and ive been searching for what seems like ever on finding a set of wheels and only came up with a few options.

so im seeing what you guys may think:

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Yo dude ryan told me you got rid of the eg and got a new car. The new hatch looks sick man. Wheels are a tough choice... I was also looking into those 949 Racing wheels. Hit me up - Phil
phiiillll!!! whats up man, i also heard you finally got the bubble on the road :up:. you'll have to send or post some pics sometime.

but as for the wheels i think i may have found something then its either the wrong size/ price. im thinking of ditching the konig helium idea and rolling with something authentic for now. but we'll see
Yeah man its finally on the road! i drove it a few times open header... loud as ****! The hatch is at my buddy's shop gettin the exhaust done right now. When I get it back I'll send you some pics. What are the new wheels you're thinking of?
1 - 2 of 25 Posts
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