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Help me decide on some wheels!!!

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ok so i have a taffeta white 2000 ej6 and ive been searching for what seems like ever on finding a set of wheels and only came up with a few options.

so im seeing what you guys may think:

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As of now I have it narrowed down to something such as the kong helium in bronze,gold,silver. They seem to be the best bang for the buck at the moment. My personal favorite by far would be volks ce28n but can't see paying 500 per wheel on a summer DD. Not saying the helium looks anything like it but it's just a nice wheel and light weight.

None the less I'm trying to see if there are any other options out there I may have missed.
hmm...can you post a pic of them...and whats your asking price??

and thanks for the complements guys :up:
i'd vote any of the 3 that were mentioned, white advans, those works posted, white cpr's. but they are all in the 1500ish+ price range. More info on what you can afford or something of the sort would help rather then everyone just putting out their favorite rims.
good point man... my price range is really looking to be 1000 or lower with or without tires depeding on the wheels.

im just looking to see what others may think would look good for some general ideas that i may have over looked. Of coarse as we speak im still in the search :silly:

oh and the car is in for paint so that still leaves bout 2 weeks :D
yeah those are nice and would like to choose something a little different, its just a matter of finding something lol

was also looking at these:
Yo dude ryan told me you got rid of the eg and got a new car. The new hatch looks sick man. Wheels are a tough choice... I was also looking into those 949 Racing wheels. Hit me up - Phil
phiiillll!!! whats up man, i also heard you finally got the bubble on the road :up:. you'll have to send or post some pics sometime.

but as for the wheels i think i may have found something then its either the wrong size/ price. im thinking of ditching the konig helium idea and rolling with something authentic for now. but we'll see
hmmm..... maybe the enkei rpf1 in silver or gold as posted previously
regamasters ftw!!!!
What color?
1 - 8 of 25 Posts
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