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OK, I am using k20a Cams with K20a2 cam gears. My engine will not start acts like it is out of timing, but I know the timing is perfect. I used the timing mark behind the chain plate, by the bottom chain sprocket. So i know the timing is perfect.

The problem is that, when my engine is at TDC, and everything is lined up, My IN cams cam sensor will not line up with the hole in the head. Like this:

So I am thinking that the k20a and k20a2 IN cam gear is slightly different. The EX cam line up with the hole and also the - on the cam gear is where it is suppose to be.

Sombody please help me. I am debating putting back in the k20a2 IN cam and leaving the K20a EX cam. This is very weird.

My engine rolls, compression tester is saying 5- 10 compression! WTF... my engine has no issues, it started before, I havent even drove the engine yet.

Thanks, please help ASAP.
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