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First post so if its in the wrong section admin feel free to move

I have an Ep3 05 premier engine with ignition barrel, whole loom, ECU and the keys and keyless entry module. What im after knowing or any advice on, is; being that the preface had that old immob and alarm that was notorious for issues.

Can i pull the lot out of the preface so its quite literally just the metal shell? Install the Engine, ECU, Loom, keyless entry module, fuse box, ignition barrel and doors from the facelift into the preface without any issues with alarm system? Shouldn't it just go in with no drama? The only loom i havent replaced is the one behind the dashboard as its a nightmare, however it appears as though the fuel pump wont prime and im not hewring the relay engage on ignition. Any suggestions id be grateful
Thanks in advance.
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