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Help Identifying Timing Cover and Related Block

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Hi guys - do you know what block this timing cover is from? Noticed the RZA stamp:
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I was trying to figure this out and came across this on ebay:
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The design of the two are pretty much identical. The one from ebay is for a 07-09 CRV. Are there any other K24a variants that come with this design timing cover?

It's kind of driving me nuts. Trying to verify what block I have.
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the A and Z groups use a variety of different parts. the A group cover looks fairly similar, but there are some differences that I can see. if the Z group engines are like the ones in the A group (lots of cross-compatability), than that CRV one should be fine to use.

as for the block, i think the Z groups have the stamp in the same place as the A groups, which is on the front of the engine below the starter/next to the bell housing. removing the intake manifold may be neccesary to see it
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