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HELP!! I need opinions.

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So I’m completely new to the idea of buying an rsx. It’s a very drastic change from my first (and current) car a 2003 v6 mustang. I made a mistake by getting a v6 and automatic trans. But now I’m looking at buying a new car and a 2002 rsx type s caught my eye. It’s low mileage and the car looks pretty clean, and it’s my my price range but unfortunately it is already moded, and I’m not too sure how heavy. But I want to know if I should go through with buying it, unfortunately I have to have a good friend and fellow car guy test drive it for me because I don’t know manual and have no car to learn on in the family. I have a couple of pics if that helps, currently waiting on him to send some more. He said it was a barely used track car that he got on a deal. Any tips on what to look out for in person? Any help Is appreciated.FF2289D2-9B80-48AE-845A-1910320C971C.png 76640835-5562-4A62-9791-A01D0ADCB8CF.png 242D895D-D1A0-4FB7-94D5-3AC03FFD4AA6.png
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