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Help for K24 conversion for DC5r

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Hi gurus,

My friend is planning for a K24 bottom swap & plans to use back his type r head & toda a cams.

Now we actually plan to use the original k24 crank & rods, however, totally undecided over the use of pistons. WIth the original comp of the k24, gains would not seem very interesting as our friends in HK tried.

We have narrowed our ideas down to;
1. Use F20 pistons & have some custom rods built to the original k24a rod length but to accomodate 23mm wrist pins of the F20c pistons, maybe eagle, crower..etc.
2. Simply get after market pistons for the K24 ( would anybody have any good reliable brands to recommend )

What would be the best option we are still undecided :(

The car already has intake/exhaust & K-pro... Please advise bros!
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jon v said:
what K24 do you guys plan on using? I know the TSX has a slightly higher compression than the rest of the K24's...
So far we have is the CRV ones, TS i guess would be impossible for us to get as a clip. Gee.. we are about 12 hours away :confused:

Now that its mentioned... wonder how well a tsx bottom would go with a dc5r head. :cool:

wat do you guys normally do for a reliable k24?
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