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Hello - Hot Rods to a Civic Si lots of ?'s

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So I've had 9 mustangs, ragining in years. I have pulled motors, tranny's etc, about done it all when it comes those cars. I understand the egine and the tolerances it can handle HP/TQ wise. With this Honda I know nothing.

Here is my main question:
When Ford puts out a 5.0 with 412 HP/390 TQ they build the rest of the car
(theoretically) to withstand that kind of power, and probably a 10-15% increase. I can say a new 5.0 with 9 pds of boost would run on all stock parts for a long time.

How is it that people are boosting these Si's, either turbo or blower, with up to 10 psi ( in some cases even more) and claiming the car is a realiable daily driver? I just can't see Honda producing a car with 201 HP and designing the axles, clutch, tranny etc to withstand such an increase in performance?
People are telling me I can run a turbo get 400 at the wheels and the stock compents (minus a clutch) will not only hold but last?

I mean 9 psi on a 11:1 compression motor just seems like a disater in my V8 head....
I need schooling.

Thanks! Look forward to hanging around here.

P.S. What is/are the weak link in this car (2013 Si)
I assume the pistons are not forged nor the rods?
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That's the magic of imports. :) This is not based on any real knowledge. Just speculation but I think a lot of imports are over-engineered.
As much as I would like to believe this I'm just not sure it makes
sense cost analysis wise for Honda, but maybe it does.

Fellow Canadian here.
Just got back from Nova Scotia, 1st time there, was awesome.
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