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Hasport Press Release

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The EFK kit is now available.
The price is $750, it is more expensive than the other kits because of the hydro clutch conversion.
As long as you do not use the idler pulley in the stock location, the K20A engine will fit under an SiR style hood.
The kit has good ground clearance and axle angle.

brian g
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i nutted on my boxers cant wait to sell the farm juz to buy the swap .one question . will it be better if the car is an SI or DX cause i want my car look as stock as possible i have a DX :p
excuse me MR KEITH . so i have to change the knucles on my DorX to si or from the DA or newer civics right? in order for this swap to take place ? other than that my car can stilll be an DX model if your wondering why a DX model is that my insurance co. has me by my balls and it doesn't matter if it's a 4 sp then thanks for your time
one more question MR K. will a fields sfc vtec controller work on a k series?? :up:
i dont get it . even if i have the multi wiring doesnt it need to get rewire differ to make the k work????? now i can't go to sleep in peace . what about the FIELDS SFC VTEC CONTROLLER will it work on the k?
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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