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Excuse the Noob Q's - I've done a search but cannot find the info.
Couple of theoretical questions for K20/EF swap:

1. Clutch? (I cannot find info if the K's clutch is hydro or cable actuated???) Would it be a matter of a cable-to-Hydro or Hydro-to-cable conversion???

2. I'm in the UK (RHD) - so the master cylinder, steering column etc, etc is on the "wrong" side of the bulkhead from you guys, will this effect installation?? Looking a Pacman's/brian g's install pics there seems to be enough room to clear the header?? But I'm not sure?

3. Does/will a Pnp harness plug into the EF ignition harness or will a TypeR OEM ignition/barrel have to be grafted into the stock steering column?

Sorry for all the RHD questions, but I know as soon as I get this swap done there will be a lot more UK CRX owners visiting this site :wink:

Thanks Guys :D
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