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I have noticed there are a few of you on the board already and hope many more can come. I am a friend of Nikos, CEO, and I would like to get this forum going to have more people be more knowlegable about the k20 and other swap/technical info. Lets think together of how to do this.

Post any site you know that is a good contact
or anything that could be done to increase

Suggestions on topics?
Things the site needs?

15,814 Posts
thanks for posting :)

On is ranked #1 (keyword k20a)

on yahoo search we are ranked #2

on google we are ranked #3

I am working on a plan to increase membership drastically in the next few months. My goal is to have 1000 'True' members by Jun 2004. This is indeed a hard goal but I am considering multiple options.

Thank you for supporting the site and please stay tuned :)

I believe that there is enough room on the internet for as many honda boards as possible.

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