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1998 Honda Civic Ex 4dr
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What’s up everyone! Just an introduction post here. Have used this forum for many many years for both my profession and hobbies. Just a little background..worked in the automotive industry as various types of mechanics for about 8-10 years. Ended with being a diesel tech before changing careers completely. So my knowledge of cars is better than the average bear, but I will admit it is mostly geared towards diesel trucks or American muscle, on top of being out of the game for many years now. Though I have had my civic for over 15 years so I do have a pretty good Honda knowledge, I’ve just never built it until now. It’s a 98 civic ex, bone stock all the way around. Have already gutted the engine bay and been stripping the body down for a complete build (body was getting rough). Going k24a, converting to manual, eg/dc2 subframe, still up in the air on the exact tranny, and a whole bunch of other mods and goodies. Anyways, excited to be here and start my new project!! Thanks for any future help
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