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:) Hello everyone!
I have been watching this forum before i even own a Honda,
Here in Greece there is only one K20EG "demo car" because everyone here are going B18.
And unfortunately there is very little knowledge on this swap.. :(
..So thank god there is this forum that lightened up my mind a little and i decided to do everything on my own..! :D

Anyway, i decided to buy a cheap EG and start it all over.. :)
So here is my '94 1300cc silver EG!
Its stock to the bone, only wearing those 15" crapy wheels which i will try to give away in the nearest feature!

Unfortunately in had been in a minor accident on the past, so i decided to give it to a specialist to do some welding and straighten the chassis!:up:
Pics tomorrow!

I also ordered a K20A JDM engine/tranny/ecu/wiring direct from Japan,
which has cost me aroung 6000$ including shipping and custom fees.
I will receive the engine in one month, so these are the pics that the seller mailed me. (its said to be a 40,000km engine)

I have also ordered the best suspension parts i could afford, so that it will be a great trackday car. The suspension parts cost me around 5300$ including shipping and fees. :eek:

So we have:

1)TEIN Circuit Master SUPER RACING coilovers (eye type)
2)Function7 billet RLCA integra type R
3)Skunk2 Pro-series rear camber kit -upper control arm-
4)Skunk2 Pro series plus+ front camber kit
5)Omni power forged aluminum FLCA
6)A spec 32mm adjustable sway bar with subframe brace
7)Mugen rear trailing arm hard bushings
8)Mugen rear compensator arm hard bushings
9)Cusco lower control arm bar
10)Cusco carbon rear strut bar
11)Megan C pillar monkey bar :silly:
12)Megan H-brace
13)Quaife quick steering rack and pinion
14)JS RACING Roll Center Adjuster
15)SRR rear toe kit


TEINs, JS RACING Roll Center Adjuster, cusco bars ordered from
All the rest from
..excluding H-brace and Cpillar bar, ordered from
SRR rear toe kit bought from

I allready received the teins and the cusco bars:

Still waiting for the rest parts from kingsmotorsport, so i will post pics when i receive! :up:
I also have the cusco FLCA bar for sale, because the h brace will be installed instead.. :)

This project will go slow so be patient!
I want to do the following until this June:
1)install the suspension
2)install rear disc brakes
3)get bucket and harness
4)put my 15" TOYO semislicks on the crapy wheels
....and 5) go to track! :p

On september i will get the parts needed and go K, and i will buy some big brakes! :)
I will also buy 15x8 or 15x7.5 wheels with 225/45 semislicks to provide some traction.
Then if everything goes fine, i will get some carbon parts..! :rolleyes:

Thanks for looking! :up:

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Yasei said:
Very nice parts you got there man!! Hope to see some pics of your project here!

Do you know if that suspension is available for EG type rear lower arms? How much was it shipped to Greece?
Thanks! :up:
It might sounds weird, but this suspension is the appropriate for the EG and the integra DC2, although its an eye-type!
Here is the manual:

You just have to get aftermarket LCA for interga type R! :)
Its also available for EK .
You will find more on !

The coilovers cost me around 3000$ with shipping to Greece! :eek:

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Hello again..!
I had a busy week that’s why I didn’t post earlier.. Sorry!:(
As I said, I’ve done a “light” welding on some “hot spots” of the chassis, like door frames etc to gain some rigidity. I will also order some urethane foam to fill up pillars etc. :silly:

I also managed to get rid of that high-density sound deadening material which lays under the seats. (I couldnt find dry ice though) They weight around 3kg. :up:

…And I also had my rear seats etc removed. :D

Car feels more rigid, and ofcourse faster as its lighter now. Yeah its still 1300cc !! :cool:

Getting a bucket, installing suspension are the next steps coming..
I also made front and rear tow hooks in Autocad , just like Benen’s..
I will let you know when they are ready , I will also post some pics!:)

As for the TEIN Super Racing spring rates
this is what the guys on told me:

The spring rate for SuperRacing is normally in the middle of the recommended range.
This means that the damper is designed for spring rates between 22kgf/mm -26kgf/mm front and rear 14kgf/mm to 18kgf/mm.
But if your driving style demands that you run a softer front end to that which we suggest, so bit.
We recommend that you try as tested, but then make alterations with the adjustments built in to the damper, such as damping force and ride height. If after this, you still are not happy, then by all means, please try different springs.

I got 16kg/24kg not sure what i will use for F/R .. :eek:

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Rallyeman said:

Anyone knows how to uninstall all those brackets in the rear?
(like the one i my 2nd pic on my previous post)

Is there anyway to drill out the spot welds and uninstall them without messing around?

the ones for the rear seats? Like you said just drill the spot welds and pop it off...

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H brace and Cpillar bar received from!

LCA, FrontLCA, quaife steering rack etc are in my uncle in US, he is currently trying to find those rear LCArms, and send them back on kingmotorsport, because they wont fit TEINs. (They are fork type, and i need the eye-type)
I really thanks the kingmotorsports stuff that are willing to take those back and give me the right ones..

i designed front and rear tow hooks in autocad, they are pretty and good looking. In fact i didint have any tow hook here to copy, so i searched over internet, found pictures....and started drawing.. I hope you like them.
They cost me 85$ , so i guess they worth it..(ordering new ones from US would have cost me more for sure)

When i get the rest suspension parts, i will post again!
Thanks for looking! :up:

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:) Some minor update...!:eek:

JS roll center adjuster and SRR rear toe kit ordered!

My uncle in VA has everything ordered from kingsmotorsport,
now waiting the new LCArms , i hope i will have everything in Greece within June so that i can install the suspension! :eek:

Engine also arrived in Piraius Port :dance: , i will get it next week, so i will post some pics then..!

I also had the door panels striped out, thinking of making some lightweight panels myself...Anyway.

Sorry for the slow update...and thanks for looking! :up:
I will post many new pics next week! :) (not camera pics this time! :eek: )
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