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Hi everyone i am a recent owner of an ep3 honda civic type r it came with the greddy turbo kit with the t517z turbo. However from the time i started it i realise that everything is not ok. I am not sure if the last owner change settings or if because the battery lead was off for that long a time the car is running extremely rich. Now i would like to start off at what the kit stock map would be for the type r or the k20 so my questions are.

1)Does anyone have the stock ignition and fuel map for the greddy turbo kit.I think mine is a mess right now. If i am not mistaken even the vetec change over point is different.

2) Why is there a restrictor on the front of the turbo and if taken off has anyone gotten any problems from this or simply just improved performance.

3) Or there any turbos that you can change the t517z turbo that would fit right on to that same manifold. Also is there a 3 inch down pipe that you can buy and bolt on the greddy turbo kit.

4) Is there any bigger intercooler piping or intercoolers that you can upgrade too.

5)Has anyone every used a 3 inch exhaust with this kit cat back and what improvements were observed if any.

Please i need your help urgently for like any person who likes to modify cars you would like to start at the point where greddy would have had there map and whats not done and then make improvements but i can;t improve on what i don;t know about so please help me out would greatly appreciate it. My car has in the greddy emanage blue.
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