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1.) Greddy Evolution II Exhaust

Review - I've experienced only the aluminized version of this exhaust, and since then I've heard that they have a fully stainless version on the market for a marginal increase in cost. First off, I live in central Ohio and as such my test vehicles are all subjected to the Ohio weather. With that in mind, I'd suggest never getting an aluminized exhaust system because all of them fall apart after a year or so of year-round driving.

Construction issues aside, this exhaust performs well, as would be expected of Greddy's products. Combined with the AEM CAI, the top end on the RSX-S was absolutely incredible. I don't know how much horsepower was freed up, but if the ass dyno is any indication, it was significant 8) .

Now for the bad part(s). The exhaust hit the stock and Progress rear swaybars pretty fiercely. We're talking buzzing-ass contact about 15% of the time, including any kind of right-hand turn or even moderate right-hand motion. Also, the sound of this exhaust is ricey as hell under about 4000 rpms, after which it amplifies the VTEC crossovers to a seriously intoxicating symphony of output. The canister is also huge, blingtastic and ricey as balls.

I give the Greddy Evolution II aluminized exhaust 6 of 10 possible points.

2.) AEM Cold-Air Intake

Review - As a seriously competant automotive enthusiast, I'm going to go on record as saying that this is a huge PITA to install. I'm also going to go on record as saying that it's the single most worthwhile low-buck upgrade you can do to your K20A2. The power freed up and gained by this simple tube and filter in, no shit, INCREDIBLE. I'll go into detail below.

Pros: If you like the sound of a big intake on a Honda, you're in for a treat. This thing wails like a banshee, and when you hit VTEC it growls like no intake I've ever heard. It opens up the engine bay about 25% so you can put whatever you want in place of the stock airbox (oil catch can comes to mind).

Cons: The installation forces you to relocate the windshield washer fluid reservoir to the other side of the bumper, which also necesitates replumbing and rewiring it. Placing the sensor within the tube without punching the supplied rubber grommet through (forcing you to uninstall the product to get it back :roll:) is incredibly difficult, so I suggest lubing it beforehand.

I give the AEM Cold-Air Intake 10 out of 10 for power and 10 out of 10 for PITA.

3.) HKS Circle Earth Grounding System

Review - This product looks damn good, fellas, and my friend determined that $80 wasn't too much to pay for 6 wires :shock:. As far as grounding "kits" go, it's a great looking, tidy and professional system. The wires are individually numbered, the terminal is incredibly user-friendly and the setup doesn't interfere with anything else in the engine bay.

Pros: Well, it looks good and it might be good for a few ponies across the powerband. The car idles a lot better with the additional grounds and hasn't detonated even with a 125 shot of the giggle gas.

Cons: It's super expensive (my friend got it on sale) and it's more bling than I, personally, enjoy. Does it work enough to merit the pricetag? Hell no. You can get the aforementioned AEM CAI for a couple bucks more and gain probably 10x the power.

I give the HKS Circle Earth Grounding System 3 of 10; and 3 only because it looks cool :wink:.

That's all I've got for now, fellas. I've got a whole lot of experience with RSX-S suspension components, but that means little to us hybriders.
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