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hello everyone, i got some questions about swapping a k20a into my 98 civic coupe. please don't say to do a search for the answers, that is what google is for. i have read up on what i need to buy to do the swap and i would like to use the ekk2 or the hybridracing mounts. not sure which ones yet but the question is hybrid racing has a list of stuff you need and i read on here that they have a package also, but if anyone else has done this swap what else did you need (hoses or any other small stuff, not fluids just other expenses that added up in time and money) when i did a b16 swap on my civic i had to get new hoses, belts, and other stuff i was not ready for.
thanks for any help. i'm doing the swap myself and i like to have everything ready before i start

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The kit that we sell does not come with the radiator hose or a radiator solution. Allot of our customers choose to use the stock radiator and relocate it to the passenger side.

If you plan on keeping the Ac or the Ps the kit does not include these parts either.

Depending on what ECU you may also have to purchase a Kpro. More info on the Kpro can be found here: or AEM EMS:

Here is a link to some pics:

Give me a call if you have any other questions and we can walk you thru them.

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