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Nice ef8. We don't see many of those any more.
Most people here upgrade those less then 1000 kg Chassis with higher powered B-series engines (D-series are pretty limited in power output vs. budget). They are really popular here. You can expect higher prices for that old stuff from pre-'90/'91 then the newer but heavier stuff post-'90/'91. I was searching for one, a proper chassis which is really rust-free (no matter if welded or just naturally rust free) is around 12k-15k (mostly stock). The newer stuff which had already the B-series still is expensive, but does not reflect the younger age. E.g. head lights of the EE8 are expensive (300+ Euro), but for the AF you pay in gold. Same for the Civic chassis. The more I dived into that area, the more I retreated from my buying demand. My idea of having the maximal sustainability regarding a fuel driven car with an high powered K-series is again a wish. That EE8 deal got blown as the owner retreated from it, seems an emotional thingy.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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