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General question!!NEWB WARNING!!

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Hey guys. I have a crx torn apart (fully caged, kirkey seat, ready to go)in my garage that was going to get a built D series but lately ive been looking at a k series. There is only one K series in the city i live in and im willing to take on the task. (me and my dad basically have a machine shop in our garage).

Ive read through most of the faqs but i still have some questions. Sorry if i sound stupid Ive built multiple D series and B series cars but have never een touched one of these.

One of my main question is what is wrong with the k20a3? I know the bottom end has very low compression and the head does not flow as well. but if I had my sponsor dustin at performance porting build the a3 head and I do a mild NA built bottom end would it be comparable to the a2?

The plan was to build a motor that could be all motor on street and keep up with people but i could take to the track and spray a 150 shot at it and HOPEFULLY run 10s.

Is there anything weird about the a3 besides these that is a negative?

Thanks guys. Please no flames thats why i gave up on hondatech and came here.:D
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Ive been reading a little more and it seems like that is very true. I know of a guy that lives very close to me that is selling a 02 accord k24 long block for 400. Will that work with the frank style build? and is there any Short comings of that short block?
Thanks guys this is really helping. I think im gonna part out the rest of my b series stuff and just buy a type s motor the way its looking.
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