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Garage Sale: DTR/SSR header, cams, slicks, misc

I have for sale a DTR/SSR header It is built for a K24. This is one of the original DTR headers and we have had it for about 4 years. This header has been on everything from a 200+whp bone stock TSX motor all the way up to a 300+whp built K24, and I have graphs for almost everything in between. The header has a slight little dent on the back side that wont effect anything at all, and I will throw in the little test pipe that we used. Asking $750

EG Power Mirrors, Windows, and Door Locks. $350 obo

EG US Climate Control With JDM Front $50

M&H 26x8.0x15 Racemaster-Slicks used for 2 seasons $200

2002 TSX Charge Harness $75

CRX B Series Mad Engineering Race Mounts$200

Set of 2002 RSX Type S and 2004 TSX cams. $200 each set

2004 TSX Drive-by-Wire throttlbody $75

2002 RSX headlights $150

Stock B16 valve springs, retainers and keepers $50

B-series crank pulley (either an LS or B20 dont remeber) $30

GSR Throttlebody $50

Good condition LS Valve cover $30

Set of LS cams with stock cam gears $30

Fuel Rail (I think its off an LS intake manifold) $20

Stock EG front seats $75

EG floor mats $50

OBD0 1-wire O2 sensor $20

Stock OBD1 injector clips $10

OBD1-OBD2a conversion harness $50

Everything is OBO. I want pretty much all of it gone. Racing season is starting and I could use the extra money.

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Interested in the GSR TB. Where are you located?

Working condition? No MAP sensor?
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