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........i'l trade for skunk 2 stage 2 cams or skunk 2 pro 1's for B series......

Garage sale...$$$$
Type S throttle body TPS might dead $200
k20a block missing crank and pistons $400
k20a2 block complete $650
K series RC 370 injectors used $200
Autometer a/f guage silver $30
Autometer a/f guage silver $40
gsr eagle h beam rods used $275
K-series eagle rods 3 old type and one newer version$ pics up later
K-series type r pistons valves taped just printed themselves SOLD
type r tower brace $70
B series try Y header used no dents $250 (pending)
Momo hub for EG $60
Benen rear under brace $100
Benen front tow hook $52
Defi oil pressure gauge SOLD
lenso wheels and slicks 22x8 $350
TSX complete exaust $150
94 integra RS CLEAN TITLE $1000 obo
k series type r crank 1 spun bearing not bad at all fixable SOLD
94 GSR short block spun bearing $350
Forgot to mention i have almost all the interior for the car exept dash carpet and seats also have hood and lights....

The newer version one is the 2nd one left to right.


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How much for the crank shipped using paypal to 85382(AZ)? Also is that a oil temp. or pressure gauge? You put pressure, but the box says temp.
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