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Make me a offer I need this stuff gone!!!!!

I am sell everything and BUYER PAYS SHIPPING price doesnt linclude SHIPPING send me your zip to my email [email protected] ALL LOW BALLS WILL BE IGNORED AND COMMENTS!!!!!!!!! Buyer also pays 3% paypal fee. My Paypal account is [email protected]

00 SI OEM brand new light still in the box $250.00

JL Audio XR series 6.5 comp. speakers 2 sets also you will get a 6x9 plate missing 1 set of tweeters, missing 3 crossover covers, and 1 speaker has a small tear nothing major.$300.00

00 Civic EX cluster $100.00

96-98 Civic HB tail light 1 of the light has a small scratch $50.00 for both

00 Civic Tail light right side only it has a bebe hole still in great cond.. $25.00

96-98 Civic center dash cluster it has a broken button so I will give you another heater/ac control $75.00 for both

RSX Type-S K series axles stock $sold

K20a1 intake manifold $75.00

P72 obd2 $150

P28 $150

P2E $100.00

P72 OBD1 $150

Golden Eagle vac manifold $30

00 Si front grill emblem $25

96-00 Civic pass side factory tweeter $25

Buddy Club shift knob $30.00

K20 spark plug seals $25.00

Honda lugs $15.00

Walbro fuel pump used $sold

Turbo hose clamps 2.5in all for $20.00

3in flange brand new $50.00

OEM Honda bolts 14mm NEW $25.00

Barb Fitting Golden Eagle $25.00

02 sensor bolt $10.00

00 Si stock power mirrors $75.00

B series $30.00

RSX Type S stock clutch and flywheel 5K miles $75.00

K20 intake manifold cover $sold

Alpine 4ch amp 1ch isnt working but 3ch are working great $30.00

NGK spark plugs BNIB 1 step colder $50.00 great for turbo cars

96-98 Civic Door lock mod. $25.00

05 RSX Type S exhaust manifold $40.00

96-00 Civic stock wing just painted Champ white doesnt come with the bottom part of the wing $25.00

96-98 Civic 4dr floor mats tan used 1 week

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come on dude... you can't even cut and paste?

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still got the type s axles and k20 intake manifold cover? pm me w/ reply very interested in both items
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