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Here's a link to a video of an rsx i had fully (all cam angles for af and ignition) tuned on the street. Dyno was done just to check horsepower level. Boost is at 6 psi.

Mods are

Peakboost Turbo Kit
-Tial BOV
-Tial 44mm wastegate
-Garret T3/T04E Turbo
RC 750cc Injectors
Hondata IMG
Full 3" turbo back exhaust
Competition stage 4 clutch
Hondata Kpro

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Good power for that boost level.

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very nice well done

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How were you able to keep the boost down to 6psi on this kit???

I have the same kit but with the following mods and I am not able to keep the boost below 10psi:


Peakboost Turbo kit
T3/44 Sidemount stainless steel Turbo Manifold (Coated by HPC)
44mm Dumptube (Coated by HPC)
3' Stainless 2 pc downpipe w v-band (Coated by HPC)
Garrett GT3076 turbo (.82 AR, .60trim, S-cover)(Exhaust housing Coated by HPC)
Tial 44mm Wastegate (4.3lb spring installed)
Tial 50mm Blow off valve
PWR 6' x 23.5' x 3' vertical flow intercooler core(total height is 12') (anodized black)
2.5' Aluminum chargepipe kit with PWR Silicon Couplers & t-bolt clamps (Piping powder coated black)
Steel braided oil/feed return lines
All installation hardware, gaskets, & heatwrap
K&N Intake filter

Besides these parts that came with the kit I am running the following:

-Hondata Kpro EMS
-GM 3bar map sensor
-GM boost control solenoid
-Peakboost Vac Block
-Billet battery tray
-Odyssey battery
-Innovative Motor Mounts
-CC stage 4 clutch
-Oil sandwich plate adapter
-hondata intake manifold gasket
-Thermal 3' exhaust
-NKG BKR9EIX plugs
-Walbro intank pump
-AEM fuel rail
-Aeromotive FPR
-RC 750cc injectors
--8an stainless fuel feed lines & -6an return lines all with Earls & Russel fittings
-Aeromotive 10 micron inline fuel filter
-RBC intake manifold
-P2R RBC adapter

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it must have to do with the turbo and unfortunately i don't have a datalog from the dyno showing the boost levels. This is what my client just told me
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