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Hey guys, due to some financial things i am selling the beast. I hate to let her go but its something i must do. Little history on the car. I hydrolocked the previous motor a while back and my insurance company gave me a brand new engine. The engine was replaced and installed by Acura of Memphis along with a free clutch install. The new motor has less that 10k miles on it and was broken in before i built the motor and put the turbo kit on it. I rarely drove the car after i got everything done to it, due to the fact i got screwed over in houston financially trying to complete the car.

Things that are left to do to get the max hp out of the car:

-Fuel setup ( i currently have an intank walboro) I have all the necessary fuel fittings and items to make a twin inline bosch fuel setup that will come with the car.

-Brakes- still has the stock rotors and pads

-Motor mounts (it has esmm inserts) The mounts are pretty shot but its still very drivable. I have Innovative motor mounts that will come with the car. I have not had the time yet to install these.

-Finalized tune- The car puts out 464 whp to the ground on a pump gas tune by stoopidfast. It needs the fuel setup completed and a finalized tune to get out about 600+ hp.

As stated before, the car puts out 464 whp to the ground and runs perfect. There is well over 20k in the car. There is 30,000 miles on the chasis and less than 10,000 on the new motor. I'm looking for $23,000 obo. Thanks for your time guys, spread the word.

Here's a list of the mods

Turbo kit-
Full Race Stage 3 GT kit
(GT35r ball bearing turbo .82 trim)

Fuel system-
Walboro 255 lph high pressure intank fuel pump
Precision 1000cc injectors (w/ resistor box and clips)
Aeromotive 10 micron fuel filter
Aeromotive Fuel pressure regulator
Golden Eagle fuel rail
All lines and fittings for a return fuel setup
Twin Bosch 044 Inline Fuel pumps

Exhaust System-
Apexi N1 turbo muffler
Kteller 3" piping kit

Manley Rods (Turbo-tuff I-beams 1000+ hp)
Wiseco Pistons (9:1 compression)
Arp Rod Bolts
Brian Crower Force Inducted Cams
Brian Crower Valve Springs
Brian Crower Retainers

Competition Clutch Stage 4
Quaife LSD
Driveshaft Shop 2.9 axles

Hondata Kpro
Greddy Full Auto Turbo Timer
Greddy Profec Spec B Boost Controller
Autometer Ultralite II gauges (Oil pressure, EGT, Mechanical Boost)
3 bar map sensor

Function & Form Type-2 coilovers
Megan Racing Rear Camber kit

RBC intake manifold w/Karcepts TB adapter
ARP Head Stud kit
Energy Suspension Motor Mount Inserts (will be replaced with mounts later)
Oddessey PC680 Red top battery with custom tray
NGK Iridium Spark Plugs
Dump tube kit from Full-Race
Falken FK452's
…and probably a lot of other stuff I can’t think of

follow the thread for more info and install pictures
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