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man im trying to fab up my fuel set up and i am lost :/
i have a 96 gsr, that im swaping to k20R
im trying to get the information on what type of fittings and hoses i need for the fuel lines and the clutch line or my k20R swap :( and its hurting my head,

i wanna run earl's pro-lite 350 lines, and fittings because there all black, im trying to keep everything in the bay black besides the red valve cover, the fuel rail will be hidden under the cover, im trying to do this but im lost
what fittings do i need? i would like to run a in line fuel line to get rid of the high peaked hard line thats stock on the dc

anyone HELP!!! im getting a headache cause im searching and nto getting anywhere :(

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this picture might help:

It looks like: 10' *an hose
2 -8an hose ends straight
1 -8an hose end 45 degrees
1 -8an hose end 90 degrees
aluminum clamps to connect them to the hardlines
FPR (depending on which one you choose you might need reducers for the openings.)
1 fuel pressure gauge 0-100 psi
I think that's about it.
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