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Fuel Rail Help

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Hey guys, so I read that there are a couple of aftermarket fuel rails that dont fit the stock injectors perfectly. I was wondering which aftermarket fuel rail will be able to fit without any modifications to the stock injectors or anything else.

I have a k20z3 with RBC manifold if that helps at all.

Any help or advice would be appreciated. Thanks! :)
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HI i don't want to commander ur thread but I have the same question, i want to keep all stock injectors and lines, I just want a new rail for the "bling" factor (for now) cuz mine is discolored from mouse poo. In the future im going to be either SC, Turbo, or built motor, not sure yet but I dont want to have to buy another in a few years. I'v been looking at the Skunk2 carbon composite rail, good idea? Thanks Matt
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