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FS: z3 head, rcrew, and more

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Alright guys, I'm just gonna make a list and go from there. NO trades!!! Everything is OBO.


-Brand New Hasport eg/dc k series swap mounts $400

-Brand new R Crew eg/dc k series swap header SOLD

-Used K20z3 head, complete with valvetrain, cams, sensors, ect... $750

- Used ep3 idler setup for k swap SOLD

- Also have a brand new set of lenso/exospeed drag wheels. these wheels are 4x100 and an offset of +25 i believe. primary used for slicks. black in color SOLD

Prices do not include shipping or paypal fee's. please take that into consideration when making offers
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all pm's replied, looks like some of this stuff is going to go fast
idler is sold, I'm located in Tampa, Fl
mounts are pending local pickup tomorrow.....header is still available
what was header off of or actually meant for? hasport or hybrid racing cause it wont work with both...correct me if im wrong
i was under the impression it worked on both...
spoke with the person i purchased the header from, it should be for the hasport and hybrid gen 2 mounts
lenso's are spoken for aswell
do you have the RBC im and TB of the k20z3?lmk
no sorry, sold already
all pm's replied
still here guys
thanx for the bump man, all pm's replied too
header pending sale tomorrow :)
header sold
thanks, bump
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